Lifestyle in Vidisha

With its traditional age old culture and heritage on one hand and rapid industrialization on other Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh reflects confluence of both beautiful traditional and modern lifestyles. With modern culture making strides into every aspect of life Vidisha too is feeling impact of changing culture.On one hand, it is known to be an ancient and historically relevant town with numerous monuments and temples and on the other hand, life goes on with new businesses and varied lifestyles.Tourism and agriculture form the main part of economic activity here. The district of Vidisha has many important archaeological sites, ruins, inscriptions as well as sculptures. Some well known places of tourist interest here are the city of Vidisha, Udaypur, Gyaraspur, Badoh-Pathari and

Traditional Lifestyle in Vidisha

Lifestyle in Vidisha
Vidisha, like many other parts of Madhya Pradesh is known to still retain its cultural heritage. Owing to the large number of ancient temples and monuments found here, it can be deduced that the lifestyle and mindset of people has transcended the generations. The style of dressing of the local population is fairly conservative as women usually wear Ghagra-Cholis or Sarees and men wear or Pyjama.
Festivals and occasions are celebrated with full traditional attire and style with melas and fairs and song and dance. The tradition of folk music and folk dances are still alive in a big way. Musical and dance festivals and some literature festivals(Samarohs) are also held from time to time in Vidisha and throughout the state of Madhya Pradesh. No doubt Vidisha has successfully preserved its rich heritage and traditions that often gets dilute from the entry of western culture.

Influence of Western Culture in Vidisha

The influence of western culture in Vidisha is evident. Be it the changes in food patterns, dressing styles, work opportunities, people are looking at newer and more modern ways of life. In Vidisha, though the influence of western culture is not very high, it is prevalent. In keeping with the times, English is being taught and spoken more widely. Ladies are seen wearing western styled clothes, especially the youngsters and men are dressed in shirts and trousers. Another parameter to measure this is the increased demand for spas, gyms, beauty parlors and other modern day services. Gymns and health clubs will soon be added to the list of life style in Vidisha.

Fast Food Culture in Vidisha

Fast food culture is fast catching up in the small town of Vidisha too. Apart for local food, North Indian food and traditional snacks, much in demand now is fast food like Pizzas, Burgers, Milkshakes and Chinese cuisine. There are currently limited places offering fast food in Vidisha but are expected to widen their reach by taking advantage of changing scenario. Bakeries dishing out cakes etc. have also opened up besides the popular Indian sweet shops that sell Jalebis, Ladoos and Barfis.

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