Economy of Vidisha

Vidisha a well known town in the Central part of India has remained famous for its ancient lineage and pristine beauty. Apart from its glorious history it has a promising future. Well connected with other parts of Madhya Pradesh and India via National Highway 67 Vidisha is fast emerging as an economic zone in Madhya Pradesh.Due to its proximity to the Bes and Betwa rivers farming is the main source of livelihood to its people. Being a tourist destination with many ancient and intriguing temples and historical monuments, tourism also forms a major part of the districts livelihood.

Agriculture in Vidisha

Economy of VidishaA major portion of the working population is engaged in agriculture in Vidisha. Very high quality wheat, jawar, maize, gram and soyabean are produced owing to the fertile nature of the soil. The ground water level being reasonably high due to the rivers and various tributaries converging into the valley is a major reason for good agricultural activity.
Wood for construction and fuel and Tendupatta are the main forest products of the area. The total area of forest in the district is 1,09,600 Hectare, spread in 7 Tehsils i.e. Vidisha, Sironj, Basoda, Kurbai, Gyaraspur, Nateran and Lateri. Main forest products of the district are Tendupatta, Wood for Construction and fuel.

Minerals in Vidisha

Vidisha is extremely rich in mineral reserves which are used primarily for construction activity. From Alluvium to Lime stone and Laterite there is everything to make the region self sufficient in mineral reasources. Querrying and extraction are major sources of emoloyment in Vidisha.

Industrial Scenario in Vidisha

The city of Vidisha have potentiality to experience a growth potential of 10% – 15 % for industries based on its agriculture/ farming income. Basic service enterprises like hotels, restaurants, automobile workshops, cobbler shops, general requirements shops are available in an unorganized way. There is a huge potential for services like automobile repairing and servicing, data processing, repairing of electrical items, welding, electric motor repairing, electroplating and flour mill.

Business and Economy of Vidisha

Vidisha does not boast of any exportable product and the potential for medium scale enterprises in the following industries is immense:-

Engineering: Steel Furniture, Engineering Workshop/ Tool Room, Doors and Windows (Wooden / Steel) Agricultural implements and Tractor Trolley.

Chemical and Plastic Industries: Phenyl, Cleaning Powder, Liquid Blue, Detergent Powder, Agarbatti (incense Stick), Printing Press and Screen Printing, Jute/Gunny bags, Corrugated boxes, Herbal Shampoo.

Food and Agro Based Industries: Potato Wafers, Confectionery & Bakery, Dairy, Papad & Pickle, Masala Udyog, Cattle Feed.

Electronics Industries: Rechargeable Torch, Inverter, Computer Processing (Data Processing).

Glass & Ceramics Industries: Cement Tiles, Bricks Mfg., Coal Briquettes, Stone Based Industries.

Today Vidisha with its brighten industrial scenario has all the ability to tap the potential opportunities. Well connectivity, stable political and social scenario and encouraging economic policies of Madhya Pradesh Government and the district administration of Vidisha is surely going to contribute in the economy of Madhya Pradesh and India.

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